Being Entrepreneurial Is Integral To Who We Are

The Tolaram story began in 1948 with a textile retail shop in Malang, Indonesia. From its Singapore base, the family business quickly grew to wholesale and the manufacturing of textiles. It has since expanded internationally into consumer goods and more.


Three generations of leaders have steered the business, reinventing it through innovation and partnerships, and building on critical insights gained through our journey.

Together, we build
a better future.

We are committed to responsible stewardship and have seamlessly integrated with local communities wherever we operate. All our stakeholders share a vision of building a business that continuously extends its reach while positively impacting those around us.

  Creating Possibilities, For Generations.  

Creating Possibilities,

Our history and experience in navigating diverse markets allow us to continuously grow by creating new possibilities.

For Generations

Our story spans generations. We are committed to building enduring businesses
and a sustainable future for all.