We Believe That Businesses Must Serve Society

Throughout our journey, Tolaram has enjoyed the goodwill of the communities we have become a part of. We stand by our responsibility and commitment to help them grow.


Beyond creating employment and positively impacting livelihoods, our businesses also champion initiatives that promote community development, education, and healthcare.

Community Development

Skills Training through Partnerships

In February 2021, Lush Hair partnered with the Lagos Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Development to launch the Lush Hair Academy. The Academy offers hairstylists and Nigerian youths the opportunity to build their skills in professional hair styling techniques at no cost to them.

Community Education

Impacting Education
with Scholarships

The Kellogg’s Superstars Essay Contest, held annually since 2019, is a school-based creative writing competition that drew more than 1.8 million pupils across 12,000 schools in three states in Nigeria this year. Fifty winners received 100,000 nairas towards their education.

Grooming Talent through STEM

The Tolaram Science Challenge is an annual competition initiated by the Lagos Free Zone and aimed at promoting science education among high school students in the Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos state. Students from 14 schools participated in the 2021 edition, and competed in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and general knowledge challenges.

Accessible Healthcare

Transforming Lives through Oral Care

Colgate and Tolaram celebrated World Oral Health Day 2021 by partnering with the Nigeria Dental Students and Nigerian Medical Students’ Associations to raise oral care awareness in rural communities across 31 states in Nigeria. Since August 2020, Colgate and Tolaram have also been providing free dental check-ups in local communities and at schools.